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Your Childcare Journey, Simplified

Beyond just health records – a haven of comprehensive care, guidance, and support for every stage of parenthood.

Navigating Parenthood, Together

Proactive wellness for mother & child

Effortless child
milestone tracking

Health data logging and monitoring

For New-Age Parents of All Walks

Whether you work, stay home, or juggle it all, we’re here to support you for every baby concern and milestone – small or big.

First-time parents

Navigating parenthood can be overwhelming. Our module offers guidance every step of the way, ensuring no question goes unanswered.

Seasoned parents

Even experienced parents appreciate a helping hand. From health tips to developmental milestones, stay assured you're providing the best care.

Health-conscious families

For those dedicated to proactive health management, our comprehensive tools offer peace of mind, ensuring all health records and wellness metrics are just a tap away.

Busy caregivers

Juggling multiple responsibilities? Health-e simplifies tracking your child's health and development, making it easier to manage even on your busiest days.

Wondering How Health-e Child Care Works?

Just 4 easy steps to join a world dedicated to the well-being of you and your little one.

Step 1

Download the app & create your child’s profile

Step 2

Input details & get your child’s customized growth chart

Step 3

Monitor progress & get expert tips for your & your child’s health

Step 4

Continue adding your child’s information & enjoy parenthood

Health-e Child Care: Where Holistic Support Meets Personalized Care, Creating a Nurturing World for You and Your Baby

From tailored nutritional guidance to child milestone tracking, lactation support to your mental wellness, embark on a journey of empowered parenthood, equipped with tools designed for your peace of mind.

Comprehensive child
development tracking

  • Real-time growth milestones

    Monitor your child's physical and cognitive progress with easy-to-understand updates

  • Personalized health insights

    Receive tailored recommendations and alerts based on your child’s unique progress

Nurturing family care together

  • Interactive vaccination scheduler

    Never miss a vaccine with automated reminders and a complete immunization timeline

  • Wellness reminders for both of you

    Get alerts for medication schedules, hydration needs, and other health activities

Your mental wellness prioritized

  • Overcoming baby blues

    Tackle postpartum shifts and everyday stress with resources designed for your emotional journey

  • Nurturing positive relationships

    Foster stronger bonds with insights from child psychology and positive parenting techniques

Your physical wellbeing supported

  • Postpartum fitness recovery

    Embrace a healthier self with customized exercise routines, promoting safe, gradual strength and wellness restoration

  • Breastfeeding support system

    Log your breastfeeding time, maintain a schedule and enhance your experience with lactation specialists

Holistic nutritional guidance

  • Guided feeding strategies

    Navigate bottle-feeding and transitions to solids in a confident and hassle-free manner

  • Balanced diet for mother and child

    Avail personalized meal suggestions that ensure that you and your baby get all the necessary nutrients

Secure archiving & sharing

  • Confidential record keeping

    Store sensitive health information with robust security and share via WhatsApp or email, only on your terms

  • Hassle-free health history

    Consolidate your child’s health history in one secure location, ensuring organized records and simplified consultations

Discover the Health-e Difference in Child Care

Step into a world where technology and healthcare converge to create a nurturing, all-encompassing environment for you and your child.

Intuitive child-centric design

A seamless interface that grows with your child's stages, enhancing your understanding

Simplified child health management

All your child's health information, accessible and manageable from one adaptable dashboard

Dual care approach

From physical to emotional health - every aspect of mother and child wellbeing addressed

Parent empowerment hub

A wealth of baby resources and insights, enabling you at every step of your parental journey


The Health-e Child Care Module is a comprehensive digital tool designed to support parents through the journey of raising children between the ages of 0-10. It offers features like growth tracking, health reminders, expert advice, and emotional support resources, all aimed at simplifying and enriching your parenting experience.
Absolutely. Health-e prioritizes your privacy and the security of your data. We employ advanced security measures to ensure that your personal information and your child’s health records are encrypted and securely stored. You have complete control over who can access this information.
Health-e provides a detailed developmental milestone tracker that aligns with recognized paediatric standards. This feature allows you to monitor your child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development, receive timely tips, and understand what to anticipate at each stage of growth.
Yes, one of Health-e Child Care’s key features is the Interactive Vaccination Scheduler and general health reminders. You can set up alerts for upcoming vaccinations, doctor’s appointments, and other health-related activities, ensuring you never miss an important date.
Definitely. Health-e encompasses a section dedicated to lactation consultation and nutritional guidance. Whether you need help with breastfeeding, introducing solids, or managing bottle-feeding, expert advice and resources are available to guide you.
Understanding the emotional journey of motherhood, Health-e offers resources to help manage postpartum emotions, stress, and mental well-being. From professional advice for overcoming baby blues to wellness assessments and community support, we’re here to support your emotional health.
The Health-e Child Care app is completely free to use. We believe in providing accessible support and resources to all parents, helping to ease the journey of parenthood without any financial burden. Simply download the app and explore all the features available without any charges.

Charting a Healthier Tomorrow for Your Child, Today

In our commitment to your child’s holistic health journey, Health-e offers the ability to integrate their detailed health records with ABHA, part of the Indian government’s Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.
This seamless connection ensures every milestone is documented, every health detail is accessible, and every step of their growth is nurtured within a secure, unified system.
Join us in embracing this innovation in healthcare, where every piece of information empowers a healthier future for your child.