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Your Health Your Way

Digitise your medical records, create your ABHA ID and take ownership of your health with our ABDM-approved digital health locker.

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Transform Your Healthcare Experience, Create Your ABHA ID Today!

The Indian healthcare system is going digital. Join us in our mission to bridge the gap between you and the healthcare that you truly deserve.
In line with the Government of India’s Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, Health-e is an ABDM approved PHR app that enables you to:
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All Your Health Information in One Place, Accessible Anywhere, Anytime.

No more carrying bulky medical records for doctor’s appointments! Empower your caregiver with your entire medical history from a single platform and get the best possible care in a timely manner.

Medical health profile

Build your health profile that has your basics – height, weight, BMI, etc.

Medications & prescriptions

Retrieve all your prescriptions & medication in seconds to chart out the best course of action

Insurance details

Store your Mediclaim or insurance data for easy access and facilitation in the process

Immunization records

Maintain your vaccination data from birth to foresee and better understand risks, if any

Lab reports & medical records

Keep all your test reports and records in one place for a quick analysis of your vitals

Other information

Enter information on your allergies and chronic illness so nothing is missed, and track any irregularities

Healthcare Re-imagined

Simplified digital health locker

health monitoring

Preventative healthcare solutions

How Does Health-e Work?

Our goal is to help you simplify your medical records and make healthcare hassle-free for you, every step of the way.

Step 1

Download the app & create your health profile

Step 2

Scan & upload your medical records for instant access

Step 3

Monitor your key parameters & take charge of your health

We’re Here to Take the Complexity Out of Healthcare

An all-encompassing digital health locker that makes healthcare convenient – Organize your medical records, share information seamlessly and better understand the status of your health.

Digital records for you and your family

Manage and share your family's health records securely, all in one convenient place.

Accurate interpretation of your medical reports

Unlock clear insights from medical reports with our easy-to-understand summaries and health tips.

Informed decision making for critical care

Get second opinions faster & make informed healthcare decisions even during crucial times.

Comprehensive predictive health analysis

Understand and act on health predictions with our straightforward, comprehensive data analysis.

Data privacy, security and authenticity

Trust in the secure and authentic sharing of your health data, with your privacy as our priority.

Detailed health profile at your fingertips

Access & manage your profile from the Homescreen for a complete, easy-to-use health overview.

Health data
on demand

Streamline care and emergency preparedness with on-demand health data sharing.

Your health routine empowered

Empower your health routine with simplified check-ins and seamless tracking of vital metrics.

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Take ownership of your & your family’s health by digitising your medical records. Get started today for free!

Stay in Sync With
the Signals From Your Body

Be more assertive about your health by tracking your vitals and understanding the difference between alarming and transient symptoms with Health-e.


Keep a tab on your sugar levels regularly


Stay on top of your child’s healthcare needs


Determine your heart rate and assess cardiac risk

Coming Soon


Track various parameters through each trimester

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