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Your Health Your Way

Digitise your medical records and take ownership of your health with our digital health locker

All Your Health Information in One Place, Accessible Anywhere, Anytime.

No more carrying bulky medical records for doctor’s appointments! Empower your caregiver with your entire medical history from a single platform and get the best possible care in a timely manner.

Medical health profile

Build your health profile that has your basics – height, weight, BMI, etc.

Medications & prescriptions

Retrieve all your prescriptions & medication in seconds to chart out the best course of action

Insurance details

Store your Mediclaim or insurance data for easy access and facilitation in the process

Immunization records

Maintain your vaccination data from birth to foresee and better understand risks, if any

Lab reports & medical records

Keep all your test reports and records in one place for a quick analysis of your vitals

Other information

Enter information on your allergies and chronic illness so nothing is missed, and track any irregularities

Healthcare Re-imagined

Simplified digital health locker

health monitoring

Preventative healthcare solutions

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How Does Health-e Work?

Our goal is to help you simplify your medical records and make healthcare hassle-free for you, every step of the way.

Step 1

Download the app & create your health profile

Step 2

Scan & upload your medical records for instant access

Step 3

Monitor your key parameters & take charge of your health

We’re Here to Take the Complexity Out of Healthcare

An all-encompassing digital health locker that makes healthcare convenient – Organize your medical records, share information seamlessly and better understand the status of your health.

Digital records for you and your family

  • Multiple profile management

    Upload your family’s medical records and maintain multiple profiles effortlessly

  • Data sharing for different purposes

    Share your family’s data with utmost safety, be it for schooling or medical purposes

Accurate interpretation of your medical reports

  • Understand what your vitals say on your report

    Get a summary on what each of your parameters indicate along with personalized lifestyle changes that can remedy your condition

  • Medipedia: Complex medical terminologies decoded

    Dive deeper into any health parameter with our ‘Medical Wikipedia’ to understand the ‘why’ & ‘when’, without getting overwhelmed

Informed decision making for critical care

  • Second opinions made simple

    Send your medical data to doctors in other locations within seconds for a second opinion

  • Best results with timely action

    Be confident about making the right decision, quickly during challenging and stressful situations

Comprehensive predictive health analysis

  • Easy representation of your data

    Get a consolidated view of your health parameters, charted out in the most simplest manner

  • Health condition forecast

    Use the data to foresee any health risks and take preventative steps in the right direction

Data privacy, security and authenticity

  • Secure data sharing

    Exercise your privacy as we only share data with concerned stakeholders in a secure manner

  • Data authenticity guaranteed

    No more stressing over data authenticity with our zero data manipulation practice in place

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Take ownership of your & your family’s health by digitising your medical records.
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Stay in Sync With
the Signals From Your Body

Be more assertive about your health by tracking your vitals and understanding the difference between alarming and transient symptoms with Health-e.


Keep a tab on your sugar levels regularly


Stay on top of your child’s healthcare needs

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Determine your heart rate and assess cardiac risk

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Track various parameters through each trimester

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Appropriate healthcare solutions without any delay, wherever you are

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock support from healthcare experts for all your medical needs

Immediate assistance

Emergency and at-home care solutions through hospital and lab collaborations

Transforming Healthcare, One Day At a Time

Join us in our mission to bridge the gap between you and the healthcare that you truly deserve.

In line with the Government of India’s Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, Health-e aims to create an integrated digital health ecosystem that empowers patients and doctors alike to receive and provide the best healthcare.

Our app also allows you to directly link your ABHA (coming soon) or Aadhaar number with all your medical records and reports.