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One App,
Complete Health Empowerment

Uncover the power of seamless health management with an array of intuitive features designed for your proactive health journey.

Digital health records for you and your family

  • Multiple health profiles management

    Upload your family’s medical records and maintain multiple profiles effortlessly

  • Health data sharing for different purposes

    Share your family’s data with loved ones or for schooling and employment purposes with safety

Accurate interpretation of your medical reports

  • Complex medical terminologies decoded

    Get a summary on what each of your parameters indicate along with personalized lifestyle changes that can remedy your condition

  • Course of treatment made understandable

    Dive deeper into any health parameter with our ‘Medical Wikipedia’ to understand the ‘why’ & ‘when’, without getting overwhelmed

Informed decision making for critical care

  • Second opinions made simple

    Send your medical data to doctors in other locations within seconds for a second opinion

  • Best results with timely action

    Be confident about making the right decision, quickly during challenging and stressful situations

Comprehensive predictive health analysis

  • Easy representation of your data

    Avail a consolidated view of your health data, charted out in the most simplest manner

  • Health condition forecast

    Use the data to foresee any health risks and take preventative steps in the right direction

Data privacy, security and authenticity

  • Secure data sharing

    Exercise your privacy as we only share data when required and with consent, in a secure manner

  • Data authenticity guaranteed

    No more stressing over data authenticity with our zero data manipulation practice in place

Detailed health profile at your fingertips

  • Immediate accessibility

    Access & maintain your complete health profile directly from the Homescreen, simplifying your health tracking experience

  • Dynamic health dashboard

    Get a holistic snapshot of all your health data from vitals, lifestyle habits to report uploads for quick utilisation

Health data on demand

  • Effortless sharing with caregiver

    Facilitate in-depth consultations by securely sharing your curated health profile data with healthcare professionals

  • Emergency readiness

    Prioritize vital information, ensuring immediate availability during critical moments for you or first responders

Your health routine empowered

  • Simplified health check-ins

    Conveniently log key metrics such as BP, sugar levels, O2 saturation, and more, centralizing your routine health checks

  • Zero gaps in vital tracking

    Set your health goals and never miss a check-in. With handy reminders, you can stay on top of your health stats tracking

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