Pre-Pregnancy  Checklist:  5 Things to Consider

Schedule a  Preconception Checkup

It's crucial to schedule a preconception checkup with your healthcare provider. This checkup will assess your overall health and identify any potential issues that may affect your pregnancy.

Start Tracking your Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Signs

Start tracking your menstrual cycle and ovulation signs. Understanding your menstrual cycle and identifying the time of ovulation is vital for successful conception.

Have a Full Health and Wellness Assessment

Consider having a full Health and Wellness Assessment with a Naturopathic Physician.  A naturopathic physician can provide a holistic approach to preconception care.

Stop Consuming Alcohol and Quit Smoking

It's crucial to stop consuming alcohol when trying to conceive. Alcohol can negatively impact fertility and increase the risk of complications during pregnancy.

Eat Right and Healthy food

Eat right for one by adopting a balanced and nutritious diet. A well-rounded diet will provide essential nutrients for fertility and support a healthy pregnancy.

Follow this checklist & take ownership of your health before pregnancy