Exploring the Various Scans During Pregnancy in India

Dating Scan with Cardiac Activity

Dating scan at 8-14 weeks confirms gestational age, assesses fetal growth and development, and detects abnormalities.

Date Estimating Scan

Date estimated scan predicts due date by measuring fetus size, done in first trimester (8-11 weeks) using ultrasound.

NT Scan 3D

NT scan assesses chromosomal abnormalities in fetuses, conducted between 11-14 weeks of pregnancy in India.

Anomaly Scan

Anomaly scan at 18-20 weeks examines fetal anatomy to identify potential abnormalities or defects using ultrasound technology.

Foetal Echo

Foetal echo checks unborn baby's heart health non-invasively and safely, done at 23-24 weeks when heart has developed using ultrasound.

2D Scan

2D scan is non-invasive ultrasound to examine developing fetus during pregnancy, typically done at 26-32 weeks.

3D Scan

3D pregnancy scan creates detailed 3D images of the fetus using high-frequency sound waves during an ultrasound.

4D Scan

4D scan produces real-time, high-quality images of the developing fetus using advanced ultrasound technology during pregnancy.

Foetal Doppler

Foetal doppler scan monitors heartbeat non-invasively during pregnancy using ultrasound, usually at 28-32 weeks.

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