9 Tips To Enjoy Your 60’s Healthier Way

1.Maintain a Healthy Weight

Metabolism slows down as our age grows and we tend to gain weight.  Try to maintain your weight in a healthy range according to BMI to increase your longevity.

2. Keep Salt & Sugar Intake in Moderation

It is a good practice to reduce both salt & sugar in everyday food to prevent developing common conditions like BP & diabetes.

3. Regular Health Checkups at 60

Some recommended general check ups that needed to be done: – CBC – Lipid profile – Sugar – Liver function test – Kidney function test – Blood pressure – ECG

4. Slow Down & Sleep Well

Aging will affect your sleep, you won’t be able to sleep for longer hours, so take rest whenever you can. Maintain healthy sleep patterns and rest well to keep yourself mentally healthy as well.

5. Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Well balanced diet will help you to stay energized throughout the day and will provide you with necessary nutrients.  Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Vision deteriorates with aging.  Make sure that you wear your sunglasses when you are exposed to direct sunlight, as exposure to sunlight can increase the risk for cataract.

6. Safeguard Your Vision

As you age you’ll notice pain in your joints, it is important to try strength training your muscles to protect them.  If you have arthritis you can try doing milder forms like walking and cycling.

7. Take care of Joints

Keep your brain active by doing various things like playing meditation, puzzle, learning new things or other such activities will keep your brain in a good health.

8. Ensure the Well-Being of Your Mind

You do not require a rigorous physical routine but some form of physical workout is very essential.  You can include walking as a part of your daily routine to stay fit.

9. Stay Physically Active

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