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PHR Address: Guide to Personal Health Record Address

PHR Address

What is PHR Address?

A personal health record (PHR) is a digital platform where individuals can maintain their health information and other medical details. Unlike electronic medical records, which are typically operated by healthcare institutions and filled by clinicians for billing and insurance purposes, PHRs are managed by patients themselves. 

With PHR apps, individuals can store and access their complete and accurate medical history online. These digital records can include various types of health data, such as patient-reported outcome data, lab results, and information collected from wireless devices like electronic weighing scales or smartphones. By using PHR Apps, individuals can take control of their health information and play a more active role in managing their healthcare.

What is a PHR address in a Personal Health Record?

An ABHA address or Personal Health Record (PHR) address is a unique username that individuals declare to sign in to an HIE-CM (Health Information Exchange & Consent Manager). By logging in with this address, individuals can manage their consent preferences and share their medical records with other healthcare providers. Your PHR address is listed
in a health ID card and can take the form of xyzname@consentmanager.

For instance, if you are using the ABDM consent manager, your PHR address might look like xyz@abdm on your health ID card. This address is essential for facilitating the exchange of your health data within the ABDM network. By using an ABHA or PHR address, individuals can maintain control over their medical information and easily manage the sharing of their data with healthcare providers.

What is a Digital Health ID Card and Where to Get One?

The digital health ID card, also known as the ABHA card, serves as a digital identity card containing important identifying information about the cardholder, such as their health records. The card features a PHR address that simplifies the process of accessing and sharing the cardholder’s health records digitally. To participate in India’s digital healthcare ecosystem, individuals need to obtain an ABHA health ID card.

The ABHA number is the unique health identification number or UHID number under the ABDM program. This 14-digit number is generated randomly and assigned to each individual, and it is linked to all of their health records. With the individual’s informed consent, this health record can be accessed across multiple systems and stakeholders.

If you want to know more about the Health ID card and the registration process, you can check out our linked blog to learn everything you need to know. With the ABHA card and health ID number, individuals can easily manage and share their health information, providing them with greater control over their healthcare.

How to Create a PHR address?

The ABHA address serves as a self-declared username, similar to an email address, and enables users to log in to both the Health Information Exchange and Consent Manager.

Meanwhile, the PHR app or Health Locker is utilized for the secure reception, storage, and sharing of medical records between patients and healthcare providers. When registering for an ABHA number via the ABHA website, users also create their ABHA address or PHR address.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining and managing your personal health record is crucial for leading a healthy life. With the rise of chronic diseases and the need for seamless healthcare, a PHR can act as a one-stop solution for all your medical information. It can provide a comprehensive view of your health history, facilitate communication with healthcare providers, and ensure better health outcomes.

Health-e is a trusted health locker that offers a secure and convenient platform to store, access, and share your medical documents. With features like personalised health monitoring, customizable health goals, and reminders for upcoming appointments, Health-e can help you take control of your health journey. So, start using a PHR today, and make informed decisions about your health with ease.

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