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What are the Benefits of Regular Heart Check-ups?

doctor measuring heartrate of a man with stethoscope
Medically reviewed by Neesh Patel, MB DCH
Over the years, our lifestyles have changed, and that has increased our exposure to various health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, thyroid, and the worst of them all – heart conditions. But, as they say, prevention is better than cure; and so a regular heart check-up can help prevent major heart diseases or problems.

Why is a Heart Check-up Important?

A heart check-up helps your doctor analyse your heart health by monitoring your blood vessels and arteries. As you age, getting regular check-ups is crucial to keep track of your heart health as well as your overall health. These regular screenings detect any problems at their early stage, giving you a chance to receive proper treatment before it is too late.
Regular check-ups and screenings are for preventive purposes. It helps you stay in the best shape and look out for potential issues before they become more serious. Other benefits of this are:

When and Who Should get Regular Heart Check-ups?

Doctors suggest getting regular preventive screenings and check-ups when an individual reaches the age of 35. The age group of 35 to 65 is the most affected by diseases that are caused due to lifestyle. Since prevention is better than cure, through regular screenings, you can prevent developing certain conditions that can cause further complications for your health. Talk to your doctor about the ideal times you should get your check-up done, as age and lifestyle plays an essential role.
Apart from this, your doctor may recommend that you start getting early screenings for preventive measures if your family runs a history of health problems like diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, heart conditions, and types of cancer like colon, breast, prostate, and more.

Types of Heart Check-ups

After you cross 30 or 35, your doctor will recommend you start getting your heart checked on a regular basis. This makes your treatment more effective if you are detected for any risk.

1. Routine Screening Tests

Your doctor recommends you get routine screenings like:
And if you have an existing heart disease or a family history of having any condition, the medical practitioner will suggest starting these tests at a young age.

2. Other Heart Tests

Your doctor may suggest further heart tests if they think you have a chance of developing a heart condition. These tests may include the following:

Conducting Heart Health Check-up at Home

Your medical practitioner may suggest checking your heart health in between your regular check-ups depending on your current health condition. Here’s what can help:

How to Maintain Your Heart Health

It’s always better to prevent a serious heart condition by getting your regular screening done. But only visiting the doctor to monitor your heart health is not enough. You need to maintain your health to live a happy and healthy life. Here are some tips for a healthy heart:

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